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The Wedding: HOW-TO

It is not at all easy to organise a wedding. It is connected to many activities and above all, to spending an enormous amount of money. Take this advise from me, don’t mention the word ‘wedding’ in front of shop assistants to save yourself a lot of trouble. Thus you will escape or reduce to minimum the harmful effects of the situation when a shop assistant or any errand person doubles or triples the price of the product/service in question.

Weddings can be rather exhausting for both the couple to be married and their guests. And small wonder, since so many things happen in just a single day: signing at the registry, or a ceremony at the church, the reception after the official part, after-party for the most enthusiastic guests, lots of eating, drinking, dancing, and to top it all, you are dressed all the time in official attire.

Here is a piece of helpful advice how to reduce the tension: don’t do everything in one day – it will kill you. You could sign at the registry in advance. Invite the guests directly at home, or at the restaurant you have chosen. The priest can be invited at the place of the reception as well, which saves a lot of time, excitement and moving from one site to another.

Once you have decided to get married, you have to go through several essential tasks: agreeing on the guest list; booking a restaurant/reception; buying the attire, and thousands of things you have not planned.

No one can help you with the guest list – you have to deal with it on your own. I would choose the closest relatives and best friends, which excludes all those you have met less than three times in your life, such as the third cousin of your aunt from New Jersey. There is no point in inviting people that you barely know even though they might get offended. It is also very important not to let your parents mess with the guest list. Your wedding is your wedding and you are the one to determine who and how many guests are going to witness the day of your life.

As for the restaurant or any place that you are going to hold the reception at, you could ask married friends of yours or people who have attended weddings recently for advice. Go round the restaurants and check for available dates, the menu, the prices, and the guests capacity. It is very important since this might be a serious reason to change the date of your wedding.

Since you have completed these two crucial tasks (which are not to be disregarded), there is a huge heap of details, decisions, choices and tasks that wait for you to take care of them. Here is a short and probably incomplete list of the things that you have to choose and, don’t forget, pay for:

  • wedding attire and accessories
  • wedding rings!!
  • wedding bride dress, without which there will be no wedding and no bride, so make sure that you give it considerable thought. And don’t forget all the tiny little accessories that any bride needs.
  • bridegroom suit/smoking/tuxedo…
  • make-up, manicure, hair-dress
  • limousine
  • DJ: here, you have to agree on what he is going to play and NOT play and make sure that he is well-acquainted to your musical choice
  • video/DVD operator
  • photographer: This better be left to someone you know and can rely on so that they won’t make you look in the pictures like someone you have never seen.
  • a priest or officiant

For the reception:

  • the menu of the restaurant or the catering company: Don’t let your guests stay hungry, and make sure that you have food for vegetarian guests too, if you have such in your guest list. The catering/restaurant will probably offer themselves the alcoholic and refreshment beverages and make sure that there is a variety of drinks so that teetotalers are not left with empty glasses.
  • The wedding cake
  • The embellishment of the reception site/restaurant: all this naughty stuff like balloons, garlands, and other paraphernalia.


  • wedding invitations, envelopes, text of the invitation – leave this to your future wife or check what the invitation-company has to offer, printing…
  • lapel flowers for the best men and the bridegroom;
  • small gifts for the guests as a souvenir from the wedding;
  • a bouquet for the bride

It always helps to have people who know the scenario of the wedding, and can help the guests to their places. Evening receptions usually last forever, and it will be a bit difficult for you to leave the party, that is why, better plan an afternoon party with a pre-set duration. It would be handy, if you provide for extra food portions, even though some guests, who have promised to attend the wedding, might not turn up. And so on and so forth… Even if you have already got the picture, still you won’t be absolutely ready and there will always be surprises. Unfortunately, you cannot switch the “preemptive multitasking” function of your mind. So, good luck!


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